Ekoore Python S3 Convertible Tablet Juggles Windows 8, Android, Ubuntu Linux


The vast majority of these newfangled hybrid tablets run some form of Windows, but Italy's Ekoore has decided to buck that trend. One can order its 11.6” Python S3 hybrid preloaded from the factory with either Windows 8, Ubuntu Linux, or Google Android – or, more interestingly, all three at once.



Presumably users would keep all of their casual games on Android, do programming tasks and (virus-free!) web browsing on Ubuntu while taking care of documents and spreadsheets on Windows as one potential usage scenario. Unfortunately, switching between the operating systems is probably not seamless, likely requiring one to restart the device and choose from a menu upon boot-up.



Moving on to general specs, the tablet portion of the device includes a 1366x768-pixel touchscreen, an Intel Celeron 847 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 32GB solid-state drive. That Celeron is a dual-core chip running at 1.1Ghz, and despite the lowly clockspeed it has been shown to be comfortably faster than the Atom processors saddling many other Windows 8 hybrids.



Meanwhile, the RAM can apparently be bumped to 8GB and the SSD to 128GB while ordering, and the sides of the device are host to an HDMI port, one USB port, a MicroSD memory card slot, and a headphone jack. Wireless connectivity includes the typical WiFi with a 3G mobile broadband option.



Then there is the keyboard dock, which looks to be able to compete fairly well with the bigger companies' products. Besides the full-size keyboard and touchpad, you gain two extra USB ports, a wired LAN port, headphone jack and microphone jack when docked. As well, a 3600mAh battery inside combines with the 7 hour-rated 4800mAh battery in the tablet portion to provide up to 12 hours of total unplugged runtime – not bad. Of course you'll want to look out for a real-world review to verify these ratings.




Ultimately the most disappointing thing of the Python S3 is that it probably will not make it out of Italy, though perhaps one can try to import it somehow. It is available now on Ekoore's website for configuration, starting at € 599 ($770 USD).

(Via Liliputing)