Elecom Introduces Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Elecom's Bluetooth wireless folding keyboard for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch expands your mobile computing options while keeping components compact, lightweight and portable.   

It's a “chicken & egg” thing: we want to take the computing capabilities we enjoy at home or work with us on the road, trail, beach or wherever while enjoying our freedom unencumbered by bulky hardware.

To that desirable end, Elecom has introduced a Bluetooth wireless folding keyboard so we can have our cake (or chicken & egg) and eat it too. It may not be as all-inclusive as a Blackberry but if you own an Apple iPhone, iPad or iTouch, Elecom's folding wonder will provide similar functionality.

You can learn all the technical specs at the White Rabbit Express website but for the moment we can tell you that Elecom's Bluetooth Folding Keyboard connects to your i-device using Bluetooth 2.0 Class2 compliance, features 70 keys, and adds 6 special multi-function buttons including Volume Control and a Home button.

No special drivers are required, simply plug & play... wait a sec, it's wireless so there's no need to plug!

The keyboard comes with a carrying case and, as a thoughtful touch, includes a built-in stand for your iPod or iPhone. When unfolded and ready to use, the keyboard measures 319.2 × 102.9 × 9.6mm (12.77 x 4.1 x 0.385”) and when folded, just 162.5 × 102.9 × 19.2mm (6.5 x 4.1 x 0.768”).

Open or shut, it weighs a mere 195 grams (just under 7 oz) including a pair of AAA alkaline batteries which just happen to be included. Elecom's Bluetooth Folding Keyboard is priced at $116.00 each and comes in your choice of white or black. (via White Rabbit Express)

Aug 22, 2011
by Anonymous

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