Elecom's Designer Wireless Computer Mice Sport USB Dongle Tails

Wireless computer mice are cool and all, but to this point they've been heavy on function with minimal (minimalistic, even) form. Elecom has a better idea: designer mice that don't sacrifice functionality for the sake of form. In fact, the so-called Oppo Pet is an improved wireless mouse that will trap your heart while pleasing the eye.

Elecom teamed up with Japanese design house Nendo to create Oppo Pet. The series features a single organically styled white mouse with a choice of 8 different, color-coded animal tails as follows, clockwise from top left below: Fox (orange), Dog (beige), Dolphin (blue), Cat (black), Rabbit (white), Chameleon (green), Squirrel (brown) and Pig (pink).

That takes care of the form, now here's the function – with the emphasis on “fun”: the tails are actually USB receivers that plug into your PC or laptop. There's no need for a driver and the 2.4GHz, 55 gram (about 2 oz) mouse runs on one AAA battery. See how they run, heh!

What else do you need to know, since Elecom pretty much had you at "animal tails". Let's see, hmm... Elecom has engineered this 3-button optical mouse with an ON/OFF switch and it performs with 1000 Dpi resolution. Nothing cheesy about that! (via SPGRA Design Blog and Designboom)

Mar 7, 2012
by Anonymous


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Mar 7, 2012
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Mar 22, 2012
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