Electric Mustang Conversion Zooms From 0-60 In Under 2 Seconds!

Better update your whiplash insurance if you're planning on driving Mitch Medford's Zombie 222, an electrified vintage Mustang fastback that can sprint from 0 to 60mph in a neck-snapping 1.94 seconds!

Medford has been working with electric drag racer John Wayland at Bloodshed Motors for over a year now, and the results from successive vintage Mustang conversions just keep getting better. Just last week at the grand reopening of San Antonio Dragway, Medford drove Zombie 222 to a 10.24-second quarter-mile run at 140.8 mph.

Several months earlier, Medford took Zombie 222 to 174.2 mph, shattering the Texas Mile record for street-driven electric vehicles by almost 20 mph. Medford plans on raising that record to at least 200 mph this October after adding a third GearVendor overdrive to Zombie 222's spacious engine bay. Currently, Zombie 222 packs a pair of 11-inch GearVendor overdrive units engineered to run at 222 volts for a total of 440 volts and 3,600 amps.

While EV conversions like Zombie 222 may not be practical for everyday real world driving, Medford's efforts follow tried and true techniques technology pioneers have been using for decades or more – what produces wins at the track today will improve your everyday vehicle tomorrow. Learn more about Medford and his Zombie 222 electric Mustang at Zombie222.com. (via Hemmings Daily)