Electric Banana Speaks Out When You Strip It

"Electrical Banana is gonna be a sudden craze. Electrical Banana is bound to be the very next phase." British folk-rock pioneer Donovan had a top-ten hit with "Mellow Yellow" back in 1966 but little did he know Japanese novelty toymakers would be bringing his psychedelic imagery to life.

Well, not exactly "life" but close enough for Japan's legions of Otaku geeks. You see, this particular banana speaks with the dulcet tones of Saki Fujita, "the hottest voice actor/ Akihabara idol in Japan."

Depending on whether you select the Tomboy, Sexy, Tsundere (feisty) or Your Sister model, Fujita squeaks out a special, character-specific phrase every seventh peel. For the other six consecutive peels she will perkily shout "peron" - which should go over well (or get you arrested) in Argentina.

Here's a video of the Electronic Banana Keychain in action...

Want one of these talking bananas? Four varieties are available priced at just 666 yen (about $6.80) each. It's a, er, revelation... and it comes in overripe brown, almost-ripe green, refrigerated blue and of course, very mellow yellow. (via The Greenhead)