Electric Car/Motorbike Combo Could Be The Ultimate Dual-Use Vehicle

If trends and concepts are any indication, the cars and motorcycles of the future are destined to look more and more alike. With green factor (helping the environment as well as your wallet) playing a larger role in automotive design, cars are constantly shrinking into subcompacts, minis and urban commuters. They're also sporting smaller and decentralized powertrains.

What does this mean? Well, it means that someone was bound to come up with an idea for a car-motorcycle crossover. And that someone's name is Bobin Kil.

Kil made a pretty innovative concept and didn't have much left for the name, choosing to call it simply "Light Weight Concept." But that's okay because the design makes up for lack of a catchy name. The car is a distinctive, electric-driven urban commuter. It's small, streamlined body looks pretty futuristic on its own, but what really makes it is the fact that the two rear wheels separate from the body and turn into motorcycles. 

Now a car with two integrated motorcycles is awesome no matter what. But in this case the sum is much awesomer than the parts involved. Because those two motorcycles aren't any motorcycles that will get you an ounce of respect on the mean streets; they're one-wheeled motorcycles that share their drivetrain with the Segway. Yeah, just try walking into a rowdy biker bar and laying your helmet on the bar top after pulling in on one of those. That's a lot of hurt coming your way. 

The concept was a winner at the Red Dot Awards, and despite the underpowered, unbalanced choppers involved, it's still pretty cool to think of a car with motorcycles hiding below the rear fenders. Kudos for the effort.

Now if only there was a way to cram two Ducatis in the back of a car...

Via Yanko