Electric Carpet Keeps Heat On Your Feet

Cold floors dampening your holiday spirits? Fujitsu General Electric is offering a number of heated electric carpets to warm your soul - and your soles.

Japanese houses can be notoriously cold in winter, causing occupants to flock to their living room "kotatsu" - simply put, a coffee table with a heater underneath and a blanket skirt to trap the heat. With modern home designs becoming more popular, however,the venerable kotatsu is getting a little hot competition from heat-radiating electric carpets.

Think of the "Hot Carpet" as an electric blanket you can walk on. Each carpet comes with a small attached control panel that allows the user to program several types of settings, including the ability to heat 1, 2 or all three segments of the carpet so energy isn't wasted.


To allay concerns about electromagnetic radiation that have put people off electric blankets, Fujitsu GE has designed their new electric carpets to emit 99% less radiation then standard rug or blanket heaters. This is accomplished by weaving the interior heating elements in a pattern that causes them to double back on each other, thus canceling out any generated EM currents.

Fujitsu General's electric carpets come in 3 different sizes corresponding to 1.3, 2 and 3 Japanese straw tatami mats. Mid-range 2-tatami size carpets are priced at 29, 800 yen or around $335 each. (via Impress Watch

Editor's Update: In the U.S., the electric carpet is not yet available. But we may be able to get many of its benefits by simply using an Under Rug Space Heater which comes highly recommended by reviewers. 


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Jan 28, 2010
by Anonymous