Electric Vehicles Could Help Lower Your Power Bill

By now we all understand that Hybrid vehicles are very capable of reducing the amount of fuel a person uses day to day and serve equally as well as keeping the amount of harmful emissions at a minimum. What most people don't know is that Hybrids can also be used to help larger cities keep the amount of power stable during certain times.

The idea has been named V2G which stands for vehicle to grid. The idea is, when your vehicle is parked in a parking lot that is equipped with the system, you will plug it into a special outlet that is connected to the cities power grid. The power grid will then use the batteries on board to store power till the peak hours of the day when usage is at a maximum or during a power outage.

Of course, if you so choose to be a part of this, the city will be paying you for the use of your batteries. It won't be much, but it will offer a way to offset the cost of a new Hybrid. The system would also remove the need of large backup generators in cities in the case of a power loss.

Currently, the system is being set up in parts of Australia and, after being tested, should expand to most of the country. It has also reached places such as France and Denmark where the infrastructure is already set up and in use.

The real question here is what it will do to the reliability and longevity of the batteries it uses. As with almost all rechargeable batteries, only allowing partial charge cycles over an extended period of time can cause the battery stop utilizing all the cells available. This can reduce the life of a battery by quite a bit in the long run and seems like a risk some people will not be willing to take.

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