Kitchen of the Future: Rendez-Vous and Volare from Electrolux

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, the Electrolux Global Design team is an international team comprised of about 150 designers with a philosophy of 'thoughtful design'.  Their latest two concepts, Rendez-vous and Volare, reflect the latest in modern lifestyle trends and consumer driven customization, and offer a sneak peek into some very futuristic kitchen design.




Based on the idea that the kitchen is where most of the action happens when at home entertaining, Electrolux has stepped things up a notch with their latest flat cook top that allows the chef the ability to stay connected to guests while also preparing a meal.


Rendez-vous is based around the notion that modern appliances need to reflect the changing way we interact with them, and so combines living, eating and entertaining space.  This space-age cook top is "a unique energy shield" that works via induction, with non-dedicated cooking and charging zones that allow heat or electricity to dispense via sensor technology to wherever an item is placed. Below the table surface are modular drawers suitable for a stove, refrigerator or nearly any other appliance that can also be stored back away once it's time to eat. If this isn't enough to feel like you're in the Jetsons, a virtual chef is also included, ensuring a perfect meal.  Now what about a robot to do the dishes, I ask.





And for those of us that are tight on space, Volare offers a sleek solution that makes use of wall space in what they describe as "an entire kitchen tucked away in an illuminated piece of art."

Volare is another modular system that can be customized to fit the consumer's individual needs.  Need some ice?  No problem -- ice dispenser included.  Whipping up a delectable dish?  Unfold the induction stove. Once you've finished cooking, fold it back on to the wall and a spotlight highlights the piece while in repose, where it doubles as a piece of art. It's also available in several colors. 


Electrolux via Yanko Design