Electrolux Plastic Karma Brings Vacs From The Sea

Image via ElectroluxPhotosImage via ElectroluxPhotos

To help raise public awareness about the islands of plastic debris in the oceans Electrolux has come up with an idea that really sucks... dirt out of your carpet.

The idea is to gather plastic from the "Pacific,- and the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Baltic and North Sea," according to the press release. Electrolux then plans to recycle the plastic into a limited number of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners will then be placed on display to help spread the word about Plastic Karma.

Below is a short video about the project:

For more information about the project, to learn how to get involved or about the Electrolux company visit the Electrolux project here, the Electrolux blog www.electrolux.se/vacfromthesea or the Electrolux Facebook page here

Via the press release  and Plastic Karma

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