Electronic Cigarette Lights Up In A Healthier Way

They just won’t stop nagging. No matter how many excuses you come up with, some individuals will still go on and on about how smoking is dangerous for your health. But people know the risks that come with cigarettes. Some choose to ignore them while some try to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves by cutting back or quitting altogether. One new invention has created the opportunity to making those cutbacks easier.

The SuperSmoker is an electronic cigarette that contains no tobacco whatsoever. It doesn’t need to be lit, there’s no combustion, no tar or real smoke. As an alternative cigarette, the SuperSmoker uses a vaporization chamber and a disposable cartridge that contains a small amount of nicotine. To operate it, all a person has to do is simply inhale as there is no on or off switch.

Since it is an electronic device, it runs on batteries and cartridges. Available in various concentrations of nicotine, each cartridge is equal to 15-20 cigarettes. The product also comes with a battery charger as it has to be charged after one day of regular use.

The electronic cigarette is a great alternative because it’s free of certain health hazards. When you exhale, condensation is released instead of smoke. The cigarette also prevents nicotine poisoning as it has a security system that stops automatically for 30 seconds after 15 inhalations.

Legally used in public areas in the UK, the SuperSmoker is a great alternative to ordinary cigarettes. The device contains no tobacco, helps make sure that you’re not overusing and causes no hazards to the people around you.

To find out more information about the product, you can visit the company’s website .