Electronic Salinity Monitor Spoon Terminates Excessive Salt Intake

Robotic food tasters, not just for Kings & Queens Of The Future anymore! Japan's Compact Impact is offering the electronic Salinity Monitor Spoon, a "Stir-minator" of sorts that measures how salty your soup or sauce is. Sweet!... I mean, well, you know what I mean.  

The Salinity Monitor Spoon serves two complementary purposes. People who suffer from high blood pressure are often asked by their physicians to cut down on their sodium intake. Trouble is, many elderly people have lost some degree of their sense of taste – it's the reason gramps or gran will often shake salt on just about everything they eat.

So how can you tell your soup or sauce is too salty if you can't taste it? The Salinity Monitor Spoon “tastes” it for you. The device is designed with hot soup in mind: it's high-temperature rated from 140 to 176 degrees (°F) or 60 to 80 degrees (°C).

The spoon's indicators display three points of indication: 0.6 - 0.8%, 0.9 - 1.1%, and 1.2% and up. The numbers are large, any text is in English and the ON button is distinguished by being bright red. Last but not least, the Salinity Monitor Spoon features a hole in its handle so you can hang it up in plain view. You can buy it online at the Compact Impact website priced at $64.00 each.

Editor's Update: The Salinity Monitor Spoon is now available in the U.S. You can find it at Amazon here and at other retailers. 

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Nov 17, 2011
by Anonymous

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