Electronic Virtual Candy Box Opener from Bandai

Bandai's "Peri Peri" electronic candy box opener is rippin' good fun!Bandai's "Peri Peri" electronic candy box opener is rippin' good fun!


Let 'er rip! That's what Bandai's "Peri Peri" electronic candy box ripper let's you do, virtually, without actually opening any cardboard boxes of sweet, delicious candy. This is one toy idea Pavlov (and his dog) would approve of!

Japanese candies and snacks often come in small cardboard packages that are opened by pulling on a die-cut flange. This candy packaging style is so common, in fact, that many people in Japan associate the distinctive staccato ripping sound - called "peri peri" - with the promise of tasty satisfaction.

It's a Pavlovian reflex that was recently used in an episode of The Office in which Jim "trained" Dwight to expect an Altoid mint every time Jim played the Microsoft chime on his computer.

The folks at Bandai, one of Japan's leading toymakers, cleverly play on this reflex by electronically reproducing the "peri peri" sound from their new Peri Peri Toy Keychain/Phone Strap Chain. It's thought that owners can, well, pleasure themselves (for want of a better term) by ripping away at the rubber flange attached to the device - as can be seen and heard in this promotional video from Bandai:

The 998-yen ($10) Peri Peri comes in 4 colors, is powered by a pair of LR44 button batteries and comes with a handy ball chain that attaches it to your cellphone, backpack, keychain or whatever. It's one candy gift that won't get you fat!