Elegant Meets Mundane In Podell's Indoor Clothes Drying Rack

If there's a dull chore we all have to do at least weekly, it's washing and drying our clothes. So when you see something that attempts to make the chore less mundane, less void of artistry or inspiration, it catches your interest. Chores are much easier to bear when you're using cool gadgets that combine visual and tactile artistry with functional, stable, and green design.

Designer Rob Podell submitted this handsome, sturdy Indoor Drying Rack design to the Greener Gadgets Design Competition in February. The Rack is not just artistic, but practical, space-saving, energy-saving, and easy to install. It's made from sustainable bamboo which is hypoallergenic.

Yeah, it's cool!




Podell designed the Indoor Drying Rack for easy installation that doesn't just depend on the 16 evenly-spaced anchored screws for support; but on a metal bar that runs across the core, evening the weight of the Rack across the 16 anchors and adding greater stability to the Rack.




Even home-owners that have outdoor clotheslines have limitations to what they're willing to hang outside, either because of possible sun bleaching, pollution, or allergens, like pollen, in the air. But apartment dwellers could definitely use this Indoor Drying Rack for clothing, especially delicates. The Rack takes up no floor space and, what else is so inspiring hanging on the wall across from your washer?

Podell points out that a typical clothes dryer is the second largest energy consuming appliance in the home. One way to reduce that burden is to use your dryer for only about 10 minutes per load before removing them, shaking them out, and hanging the clothes on a rack or line to complete their drying. That way your wash will still get the fluffy, soft feeling your electric dryer gives them, with a minimum of electricity usage.

With the Indoor Drying Rack, you would not have to worry about pollen (or smog) getting into the fabrics, especially during the spring! Let's keep our eyes peeled and alert each other if Rob Podell's elegant Indoor Drying Rack hits the market.

Until the Podell Drying Rack hits the market, we'll have to just suffer with the typical drying racks that are functional but ugly. 

via GreenerGadgets

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