The Elegantly Simple Wine Wedge Keeps Wine Stacked In Your Fridge

Seldom do you see a simply designed, inexpensive gadget that's easy to use and functions perfectly... But here we have the Wine Wedge, which is all of the above, plus it's easy to keep clean!

Someone must have been looking at a squeegee and seen another use for it, because that's what the Wine Wedge looks like.  But although made of rubber, the Wine Wedge is distinctly different from a squeegee.  It has a precision-engineered edge just meant to keep curvy objects in place.  With a wall on the opposite side, one wedge can hold several bottles stacked in place.

But lucky us!  The Wine Wedge comes two in a box, so we can stack wine in rows or in a pyramid style.  Two Wine Wedges can hold up to 6 bottles of wine and 10 bottles of beer.


You can't fit too many wine racks in the frig, so I'm thinking the Wine Wedge will come in very handy.  But, as one reviewer wrote who purchased the Wine Wedge from Firebox, "... stack the wine in the exact order you want to drink it."

*See the really cute video of the Wine Wedge by Ruby!

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Firebox no longer carries this item. A similar Wine Wedge is available here.



Aug 13, 2009
by Anonymous


And what does that have to do with the Wine Wedge?