Elevation Training Mask: All The Benefits Of High Altitude Training Without The Altitude

Elevation Training MaskElevation Training Mask

High altitude training. That's what athletes do when they want to increase their performance in areas like stamina, aerobic threshold and oxygen efficiency. However, to reap the benefits of high altitude training you have to be in a high altitude location. Or do you? With the Training Mask 2.0, you can get the benefits of high altitude training at any altitude.

This Elevation Training Mask's "Diaphragm Resistance Technology" mimics high altitude conditions. It utilizes a mulit-level resistance system to do this, forcing you to take fuller, deeper breaths. What happens when you breathe against this resistance is the lining in the lungs stretches, and so the alveoli stretch which allows for more oxygen and blood flow.

And so it follows that you will see increased lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, anaerobic thresholds, energy production, stamina and mental focus. At least that's the idea. You'll still have to put in the work, and in reality, this device is designed specifically for those willing and devoted to putting in the work. It is designed to give athletes a competitive edge. 

Training Mask 2.0Training Mask 2.0

So if you're that athlete looking for that edge, the Training Mask 2.0 could give it to you. The mask is made of a Neoprene skin and comes in three sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit. It also comes with 6 air resistance caps that allow you to change the simulated altitude (change the resistance). You'll get an instruction booklet as well, and at $80 it isn't a bad investment for that competitive beast in you. You can even get it on Amazon

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