Eliminate The Sport Stink: The Garment Deodorizer

You know, no matter how many anti-microbial, anti-stink treatments they saturate fabrics with, sports clothes still end up stinking sooner rather than later. And not just a little, "throw it in the machine" stink, but more of a "wash it three times straight and it still smells like a bull's testicles"-type stink. Excessive amounts of sweat and armpit bacteria just make clothes stink forever.

A possible solution:is a garment deoderizer that uses ozone (O3) to eliminate 97 percent of the bacteria that causes stink in the first place. All you have to do is use the deoderizer like a hanger and put the garment in the included garment bag. Th O3 and scent from the included scent pack is fanned out, permeating your fabrics and neutralizing odor. No detergent; no loud, rumbling washing machine, just pure, odor-scarfing technology. 

According to its product description, the Garment Deoderizer eliminates stenches including perfume, smoke and perspiration in as little as 40 minutes. 

Not only is this an interesting option for clothes that just don't seem to ever get washed free from stench, it's a good option for clothes that you don't want to wash. I have a lot of snowboarding outerwear that I don't like to wash too often that could definitely benefit from this device. 

The Garment Deoderizer runs on four C batteries, which are included, and costs around $70. 

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