James and the Giant Peach Move Over! There's a New Girl in Town

In early February, Ella Bache, an Australian skin care company, constructed a peach sculpture made of 24,000 peaches. In other words, a giant woman. This was done to publicize the company's slogan, "Skin good enough to eat." Supported by polystyrene and steel, the sculpture stood 5 meters high and 12 meters long.

They have a video on their site that shows the process they took to build this. They began over 6 months ago with the scanning of a live woman.
The model used for the sculpture was actress Jolene Anderson, star of All Saints. The sculpture appeared at First Fleet Park in Sydney, Australia from February 1-10, 2008.

My question is: What did they do with all the peaches when they were done? Here are a few photos of what she looked like a few days after the debut. Notice the slight discoloration:

The pretty flies feasting on the rotting peaches kind of takes away the fun of it all, am I right? Still a pretty cool sculpture, in my opinion.

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