Elvis Is Alive Again With Art

We all love the King of Rock and Roll. Some say he is still around, as there has been various Elvis sightings over the years. However, Elvis has been kept alive through artwork in various forms.

Two employees at a company decided to build a mosaic of Elvis made entirely out of Post-It notes. They did it over the course of a weekend. I wonder if they got overtime for this? These guys give detailed instructions on how to create your own Post-It shrine of Elvis. (Source)

There's nothing better than seeing the King sculpted entirely out of butter. This just makes me want to sit back and watch the artist while I drink my coffee and eat my toast. Without butter, of course, because it's all being used on Elvis. (Source)

To go along with the butter sculpture, here is some art of Elvis made out of toast. I wonder what would happen if we rubbed the toast artwork against the butter sculpture. I have a feeling it would be rated R. (Source)

David Mach creates artwork out of matchsticks. Here, he has made a sculpture of Elvis from matchsticks. (Source)

Matches ElvisMatches Elvis

Tooth tattoos are all the rage in dentistry fashion. Here we see a drawing of Elvis on a tattoo for the devoted fan. (Source)

Microscopic art by Willard Wigan shows Elvis sculpted on a pinhead. (Source)

Here we have a picture of Elvis cut into the corn at Resnick in the UK. Now that's dedication! (Source)

Elvis sculpted out of wood. This tree gave its life in the name of Elvis. (Source)

Hopefully more people will create Elvis art fashioned from their creative minds. Then we can all celebrate the King. That's all for now, folks. Elvis has left the building.