Embarrassing Posts On Social Networks Relate To Size & Age

Does size real matter? Can you be too young to post? Well, according to the electronics review site Retrevo, their research study indicates this is the case. Sometimes even a monkey would be embarrassed at what the youth of today are tweeting and posting on their small-screen mobile devices.

In their recent study, the shopping site indicated that 59 percent of iPhone users are the most impulsive lot who post something that they really wish they hadn't - and are nearly twice as likely to regret making a Facebook post as the population at large (at 32%). Couple this with smartphone users in general at 54 percent and you have to wonder if the size of those mobile screens have something to do with this trend?

According to the feedback by those that took part in the study, an amazing one-third who wrote an embarrassing post said it was critical enough to end a marriage or a relationship, or it caused additional domestic problems at home or work-related issues at the office.

"We live in a digital age where everything is expected to be public and instant," says Manish Rathi, Retrevo co-founder and vice president of marketing. "Given the urgency and frequency with which people are expected to share, it's no wonder some postings might later be regretted."

The younger you are, the more likely you are to post top-of-the-mind awareness (without a lot of forethought), which makes sense since this also happens in the real world. According to the study, the young are particularly prone to "dumb posts", says Retrevo, with 54 percent of under-25s expressing 'poster's regret.' whereas, only 27 percent over-25s were inclined to be as foolish.

So for the youth of this world and those that favor small screens over larger desktop computer monitors, I guess size does matter and maybe you better grow up a little before you send out that next tweet or status update.