Embodi: Juice Brand Promises The Same Health Benefits Of Wine

Recently I've been talking a lot about wine and wine related products, I'm not sure what that says other than the fact that perhaps it's been a while since my corkscrew has made in appearance. However, since not everyone likes to drink, let's focus on a company that gives the same benefits of wine, but without the alcohol.

No, I don't mean intoxication without the liquor, unless you're counting getting drunk on nutritional benefits. Embodi is a drink line that incorporates all of the health benefits of the red wine grape, minus the alcohol. Embodi's juice is allowed to ferment with the grapes, seeds, stems and skins to give the antioxidant benefits. There are three flavors available including tropical revival, berry renewal and citrus resurgence; which are said to have more benefits than grape juice, pomegranate and any other non-alcoholic beverages.

Okay, so let's be honest; most people don't drink wine for the health benefits, though it is a nice plus; but Emodi is ready to give the non-drinkers a reason to toast the benefits of wine, or in this case, a wine alternative!