Embrace Your Social World

To call the Internet, by its old name almost seems inadequate. The term still infers the old websites and emails and static desktop environments. Data that points to an increasingly connected world is abundant. But what it doesn't tell us is how we manage all that information. At the moment we do it rather clumsily. We keep checking our smartphones to see if we've been mentioned in a tweet or someone has commented on our Facebook wall, or whatever social media we are in tune with.

The irony is that even with all this connectivity there hasn't been a way to notify us of a message, tweet or post on our smartphones without the ringing of the obnoxious alert tone, and even then sometime it's inaudible. So what do we do to compensate? We check our phones ever so often, till it actually becomes a greater distraction then the incoming alert.

With a simple concept to rectify this colossal waste of time, two guys, Paul and Rudi, designed a rather elegant wrist band that connects wirelessly to your smartphone that's maybe in your pocket or bag. It looks like a bracelet but without any connotation of being an accessory. It looks pretty hi-tech. What it does is it simply diverts the phone's message alert system from the smartphone to the wrist band. So whether your in a meeting or having a shower, when a call, tweet or post comes in, your wrist band will activate a tactile as well as visual alert in the band to grab your attention. Oh, and by the way, it is waterproof.

Paul and Rudi's invention is named Embrace. It's an elegant name for an elegant design. It raised over $200,000 and has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.com. It is scheduled to be available for sale in July 2013. The architecture of the bracelet was done on CAD by the pair, then the mold was fabricated. The chipset as well as the software and the app that resides on the smartphone were all designed in-house by the two guys. A little ingenuity that resulted in an embraceable device.

Sep 22, 2013
by Anonymous

These days a growing number

These days a growing number of movies are in the public domain. These works are considered part of the public cultural heritage and may be freely used by all. Public domain refers to the body of creative works and knowledge in which no person, government or organization has any proprietary interest such as a copyright.