Embrace Your Inner Librarian: 7 Cool Storage Ideas for Books

With the winter months upon us, it's not uncommon for one's interests to turn to such noble pursuits as the fine art of reading. Ah, literature. Certainly, one of life's finer pastimes, indeed. But what do you do when you find your Danielle Steel collection strewn haphazardly about your living space? Surely, there must be a solution to the stacks that seem to pile higher each day, no? Well, I've done some hunting, and here are a few of my top picks for storing your favorite written works.

1. The Magnetique Shelf

The Magnificent MagnetiqueThe Magnificent Magnetique

I really like this Magnetique Shelf, designed by Nils Holger Moorman. It's a steel sheet that can be mounted horizontally or in any way you'd like, I assume. Once installed, the accompanying birch plywood boxes attach to the sheet via the extra strong foil magnets on their backsides, to be arranged as you deem fit. You could even slap some cool refrigerator magnets on there to liven things up a bit, or use it to post notes and stuff.

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2. The Storyline Shelf

Storyline Shelf speaks volumesStoryline Shelf speaks volumes

This Storyline Shelf is just an amazing notion. Designer Frederik Roije processes words into soundwaves and then creates the shelf of powder-coated steel from that specific wave. This particular shelf's soundwave was "bliss." I guess this wouldn't be as useful for larger volumes, but it sure does make a statement, in more ways than one.

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3. The "Bookhanger"

Hanging out with the greatsHanging out with the greats

Forget the hanging garden -- a hanging library is really something to talk about! The idea of a "bookhanger" is frighteningly uncomplicated while also ingenious. Utilizing the basic technology of a conventional hanger, Unal&Boler have designed metal frames to dangle from each other, housing a library within. Not only functional, this display option also give your great works some proper breathing room, juxtaposing their weight with a sense of levity .

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4. The Sticklebook Shelf

stick 'em upstick 'em up

Along more minimalist lines, the Sticklebook shelf is ultra-cool. Designed like a fine-tooth comb, this shelf consists of a wall bracket that has grippy teeth to attach between the covers and pages to hold them upright. The effect is that they are free-floating in space. The only downside is that it only holds about thirteen books, so you might have to stock up (assuming you have more than thirteen measly books...).

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5. The Shelving Chair

multi-faceted storage unitmulti-faceted storage unit

Jun Murakoshi has married practicality and aesthetics in his stackable chair-come-bookshelf. Working from the premise that stacked chairs tend to lose their purpose while in storage, he decided to make them useful while not "actively" in use. Indubitably smart.

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6. Rafter Shelves

raised consciousnessraised consciousness

And for a bit of DIY, this handy rafter shelf makes the ultimate use of limited living areas, lifting stacks of reading material to new levels. What else would you use that otherwise dead space for? Just be sure those shelves are screwed in tight, else you find yourself concussed.

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7. The Bibliochaise

choose a book, any bookchoose a book, any book
And finally -- I had to throw this one in just for the quirk factor -- yet another chair that also functions as storage for your books. The Bibliochaise is a convenient way to have your reading material right at your side, and saves on space, too. Definitely funky, and quite possibly comfy.

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Hopefully this list has given you some ideas in ways of storage for all of your literary endeavors. As Albert Camus so aptly phrased it: "The true university of these days is a collection of books." So raise your brows high and treat your books right!

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Jan 15, 2008
by Myra Per-Lee

Very creative ideas!

I soooo need to find space for my books! These are great ideas... like the ones that can hang from the rafters!

Jan 15, 2008
by sir jorge (not verified)


those are so rad