Emera Chic And Stylish Camera Bags For The Fashion Loving Photographer

Photographers, being the creative types, often find themselves favoring a more artistic fashion style. Choices, however, for camera bags tend to be more limited - fashion and function just don't always collide. That's why one design company has decided to focus on bridging the gap.

Emera Chic Camera BagsEmera Chic Camera Bags

Emera has created chic camera totes that are stylish, so women that do photography as a hobby or as a career can feel as good about what they're carrying their equipment in as they do their favorite handbags. They're available in modern or quilted designs, and while they might look like purses, they are specifically built to accommodate precious camera equipment.

Chic Camera BagsChic Camera Bags

The inside of the bags are divided to fit a camera and all the accessories, with small closing compartments for smaller items like memory cards and batteries.

Now all photographers can put fashion first, and keep function for their camera in mind. If you're a female photographer, are Emera's designs accessories you'd tote?