Emergency Rice “Can” Be Stored Up To Five Years

Whether preparing for the apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) or merely stocking your post-Cold war bomb shelter, you'll be bowled over by soft drink can sized Emergency Rice rations from Japan. The manufacturer, CTC, designed the good-looking, no-nonsense packaging because hey – in an emergency no one has time for nonsense, amiright? 

The raw, dry, cleaned but uncooked rice was grown on Japan's southern island of Kyushu and comes in 300g (10.6 oz) capacity aluminum cans. It's available for purchase individually from certain Japanese street vending machines, or one can seriously stock up by ordering 8-can cases through White Rabbit Express. The product has also been listed at Amazon Japan.

Sized similarly to standard Coca-Cola or other popular soft drink cans, these cans of Emergency Rice are lighter (316gm vs 379gm) and are able to float in water. That's an important selling point in Japan, at least, where the threat of devastating tsunamis loom over the routine of daily life.

On the downside, the rice IS raw and can't be eaten straight out of the can so some consideration must be given to post-apocalypse cooking scenarios. If the electricity's working but transportation is problematic, an ordinary rice cooker will do the job. Bigger disasters call for more primitive preparation methods involving actual fire, so keep those survival (or Survivor) skills honed to a keen edge.

Keep in mind as well that CTC's canned rice is rated for a five year shelf life, presumably a long enough time for disaster-stricken dudes and dudettes to get their backyard rice paddies up & producing. (via Gigazine)