Emotion Headphones Feature A Detachable Camera And Control Unit

Emotion HeadphonesEmotion Headphones

Wireless headphones are popping up all over. Without wires, they make listening to your jams a lot less cumbersome. But what if your headphones could do more than just play music? Enter Emotion Headphones, the headphones with a heart rate monitor and camera. 

Emotion Headphones were originally designed by Jaeyong Lee as a companion accessory for Pantech Sky's Vega mobile phone. Lee has been in the design business since 2013, and designs mostly mobile and smart technology. The Emotion Headphones are a concept design he started about two years ago. 

Emotion Headphones FoldedEmotion Headphones Folded

As I said, these headphones are only a conceptual design; they never actually hit the market, so you won't be able to get your hands on them. However, the technology they employ could be something you see in the future. 

The Emotion Headphones are wireless headphones that pair with smart devices via Bluetooth. This allows you to listen to your tunes without the hassle of wires binding you to your device. These headphones are also lightweight and foldable, which makes storing them convenient as well. 

Rocking Out With EmotionRocking Out With Emotion

The Emotion Headphones also feature EEG technology, which gives you real-time heart rate monitoring. Heart rate monitoring via headphones is incredibly convenient. It means that you don't need a separate device to measure your heart rate while working out. Again, the Emotion Headphones are all about freeing you up from cumbersome technology. 

Detachable CameraDetachable Camera

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Emotion Headphones is the detachable camera. The camera is located on the left earphone. When worn correctly, the camera is positioned so that it points straight out at around eye-level. This allows you to photographically capture whatever you see in front of you. 

Because the camera and the control unit are both detachable, it is harder for someone to hack into your camera feed. A detachable camera and control unit also means better battery life. 

Emotion Control UnitEmotion Control Unit

The control unit features E-ink display. It is the hub for all that goes on with the headphones--controls the song selection, volume, camera mode, etc. Like the camera, it is detachable. It also allows you to record voice memos. 

Of course, it's a bummer that the Emotion Headphones haven't found their way on the market yet. The technology employed would make things like, listening to music at the gym and snapping pictures easier and more convenient. 

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