Emoya Hotel & Spa: Pay To Stay In Poverty

Many of us in North America are used to living in relative luxury compared to much of the world. For us, "roughing" it is camping where there's no plumbing or sleeping in European hostels with nothing but our back packs. I won't trivialize it, of course, many North Americans do know what it is like to struggle, but most of us won't have to live shanties for the bulk of our lives, with no electricity, heat, or running water.

Emoya SpaEmoya Spa

Thanks to the Emoya Spa & Hotel Shanty Town, travellers can get the experience of living in poverty the way many do overseas. However, the experience has a luxury twist to it to justify the 850 ZAR (approximately $80 USD) per night price tag. The shanties are quite like the real thing as they are made from a corrugated iron look that is common, and the other "authentic" component is that they also feature outdoor 'long-drop' toilets.

The similarities do admittedly stop there at The Emoya Spa & Hotel's Shanty Town. Each of the units have heating, comfortably sleep four, offer showers, and even have small outdoor fire pits for cooking or heating up water.  Oh, and did I mention the fact that there's also WIFI? Yup, even when you're faking poverty you can still ensure that every step of the experience is saved with your Instagram followers!

Emoya Spa Shanty TownEmoya Spa Shanty Town

If staying in the themed luxury shanty isn't your thing, The Emoya Spa & Hotel also offers accommodations in Basatho Village. It still doesn't have a traditional luxury hotel feel, but it does certainly feel like an incredibly classy safari setup. Which is fitting since the whole establishment is located in a Wildlife Refuge.

 Shanty TownShanty Town

To further the experience and get visitors more familiar with local South African wildlife, Emoya offers game drives and walking trails. Theme hotels are far from a new concept, but this is one that seems to do it well! 

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