Empire Avenue's [X]PendaPalooza 14 Opens To Limited Media Fanfare, But Lots Of Grass Rooters Rooting!

If one was to search for "[X]PendaPalooza 14" on Google News, you'd be hard-pressed to find any coverage. On the other hand, typing those same keywords into a standard search you'll be presented with "about 5,750" links. However those SERPs [search engine result pages] will take you to links created by Empire Avenue's founders or veteran EAers who have established websites, G+ or Facebook pages or blog sites to help promote this year's event.

25 Words or Less. . .

But for the novice, what exactly is "Empire Avenue" and is it an in-clusive or exclusive club, since so little is written about it in the news?

Empire Avenue is a virtual stock market simulation social network game that allows users [each with their own stock ticker] to buy and sell shares of fellow users. Launched in February 2010 as an invitation-only closed beta, it later rolled out to the public in July 2010 - where today, the registration and game play is FREE-- unless you want to become an Empire Avenue Leader which will cost you $100 bucks [but more on that later in this blog].

Is [X]PendaPalooza 14 a Reason to Join?

Yes, [X]PendaPalooza 14 is a way to get your foot in the door as you and your stock price will get a boost from fellow members investing in you during this feeding frenzy. As the name implies, there's been 13 previous [X]PendaPalooza's that have come before.
  • WHEN: Friday, April 25th 3 pm ET - Sunday, April 27th 3 pm ET
  • WHAT: 48 hour [X]travaganza of buying, free gift missions, contests, and more
  • WHY: This is when big players Pay It Forward by buying shares and running gift and invest missions. Newer members get a huge hands-up -- and EVERYONE gets lots of free eaves, including 100,000 just for playing [X]PendaPalooza.

Running Missions

Missions are a means for all players to amass wealth to increase your dividend and invest in missions to help promote your social networks, blog sites, etc. An "eave" is your currency and like the stock exchanges found in the real world, the more you have the more you can grow and add to your coffers.

There's a competitive advantage for running missions during [X}PendaPalooza 14. A large part of the fun for players, especially newbie players with an eave shortage, is that along with the flurry of buys they are getting, they also have the opportunity to complete a bunch of goodwill missions to fund their own purchases.

When you buy shares, usually you are only passing ten percent of the eaves to a player. (Actually, you pass on even less after paying commissions.) With missions, you can pass closer to fifty percent or more of your eaves–depending on your account level and any fees. Other players then use your eaves to participate in the buying frenzy.

Become an Empire Leader

As noted earlier in this post, this year the Empire Avenue founders have decided to let certain members run the network for the first time. Titled, the "Empire Avenue Leaders," any member can become of the 2000 leaders by purchasing a $100 'upgrade.' Once registered as a "leader" you and 1999 others will tend to the marketing, recruitment and retention programs for this social network.

In turn, the founders and technical staff will continue to support the platform, manage the database and provide daily tech support where needed. Beyond that it's up to this mighty 2000 to steer the future course of the USS Empire Avenue Enterprise.

As their blog site outlines, EA Leaders will "move from back street driving into making a real difference by bringing YOUR ideas to life."

And here's some of the advantages:
  • Video wiz? Make video testimonial montage, or create video explainers to help newcomers unlock the site’s power.
  • Designer? Create graphics, logos, tips, and maybe even a new identity.
  • Marketer? Dream up recruitment, retention, and outreach ideas.
  • Writer? Write tips and blog posts for the site. Pitch in to create an Empire Avenue Wiki.
  • Trainer? Make it easy for new members to engage.
  • People Person? Create a Welcome Wagon for new members. Brainstorm ways to re-engage inactive members. Recruit friends.
Presently, there are 1384 places remaining, as of this post. If you like, you can purchase your spot here.

Fanfare Comes from Within

So while mainstream media is still slow on the uptick in reporting about this unique social platform, the growth continues to come within its ranks. This is truly a grassroots organization where existing members reach out to their fan base and followers from their other social networks. While I'm sure it won't be long for "60 Minutes" or one of the news networks to decide to report on EA in the near future, for the present [X}PendaPalooza 14 and other initiatives will be the driving force to add to its current user base which is slightly under 100,000.

Like Cheers. . .

What's appealing for new and existing members, and differs markedly from the 1.2 billion users found over at that Facebook watering hole, as a small intimate group, once you're in, it doesn't take long for everyone to know your name. Like the 90's situation-comedy TV series, "Cheers," once you pull up a stool and order up your next mission, you're going to meet and greet some of the same ole faces, over and over again!

So stop on by. [X}PendaPalooza 14 is the best way to tip your toe in the water - and start you're new career in online investing. And, once there, don't be a stranger - look me up at (e)RONCALLARI - I'm not only a good investment, I'll return the favor in less than 24/7. Now you can't secure that type of collaboration over at the New York Stock Exchange, can you?


Apr 26, 2014
by Anonymous

Very nicely done Ron...

Very nicely done Ron... #granniegram broadcast here with thX

Apr 26, 2014
by Anonymous

GR8LISTENER is your fan!

GR8LISTENER is your fan!

Apr 26, 2014
by Anonymous

Sure has been amazing so far

Sure has been amazing so far Ron. Nearly 1000 people getting involved after only about 300 last time

Apr 26, 2014
by Anonymous

Awesome Ron!

Awesome Ron!

Apr 27, 2014
by Anonymous

Great explanation, Ron. Well

Great explanation, Ron. Well done.

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When I originally commented I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails using the same comment. Is there any way you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

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Very nice site!

Very nice site!