Empire State Building Steals Show With First-Time-Ever Light Display On July, 4, 2013

They say it doesn't matter how long you live, the world will continue to provide with "first-time experiences." That adage apparently goes for landmark buildings as well. This year with the iconic Empire State Building celebrating its 82nd birthday,  its new LED lighting system lit up the skyline in syncopation with the July 4th fireworks on the Hudson River.

As fireworks exploded in a panoply of vibrant colors for the 37th Annual Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, there was a phenomenal light show going on atop the world-famous edifice, as well.

As I personally watched the show from my vantage point in Hoboken, New Jersey, my eyes were constantly diverted back to the Empire State Building. “I know the Macy’s fireworks are amazing but the Empire State Building lights are stealing the show!!” proclaimed a tweet from a Twitter user named Damien Basile

Competing with the 26-minute firework display was no easy task, either. With more that 40,000 pyrotechnic shells firing into the night sky, SOUSA Fireworks was once again managing Macy's pyrotechnic extravaganza. Known to cost well over 7 million dollars, NYC's firework show is considered to be the largest fireworks display in the country -- possibly in the world.

Usher, who was the musical curator and one of the performers on the 4th in Manhattan, not only took to the big stage on Thursday night, but his performance was choreographed in coordination with the Empire State Buildings's light show spectacular. Prior to the show, he stood next to a floor model of the multi-colored building.

According to Marc Santora in his New York Times report, "when the new lighting system, from Philips Color Kinetics, was installed (in the Empire State Building), it replaced an older system that required colored gels to be placed on top of static lamps to light up the building." Now, differing from the traditional static display, the colors can be programmed remotely to change at the stroke of a key, while glowing up to eight times brighter than the old lights.  And whoever was at the helm did an excellent job of accenting the fireworks show, by changing the lights frequently to provide a novel pulsating movement effect similar to what you see when viewing the fireworks.

“Partnering the world’s most famous building with the world’s most famous fireworks spectacular can only happen in New York City,” said Anthony E. Malkin, whose family controls the building, in a statement. “As the iconic feature of the New York City skyline, we are honored to have this opportunity to add our unmatchable LED lights to the celebration.”

So, readers I'll leave it up to you? Compare this video to the one above, and let me know in the comment section below if you think Macy's firework display fell short in comparison to the Empire State Building's first-time-ever light show?

Jul 5, 2013
by Anonymous

As hard as it is to believe,

As hard as it is to believe, New Yorkers can become oblivious even to something as iconic, majestic and gigantic as the Empire State Building. When they put lights on it, most felt it was very creative as pretentious as having seasonal and topical color schemes might be.When "jaded as anything " ME saw the animated building dancing to the music it just made me realize that everything evolves and secondly," What's next ? "