Emtec DUO Flash Drives Mix USB Type-C, Type-A Connectors

Since the spec was finalized, more and more devices are shipping with reversible Type-C USB ports. Apple's new MacBook, Google's latest Chromebook Pixel, Nokia's N1 tablet, and some PC motherboards all do, but devices that can plug into the new ports remain scarce.

Well, here's one you might want to watch out for: Emtec's backwards-compatible DUO USB-C flash drive.



The 1"-long DUO USB-C, as its main selling point, couples Type-C and familiar Type-A connectors into a single package. A slider switches between the plugs. This way, you have a drive that's compatible with all of your gadgets, new or old. You're also not totally hosed if you snap one of the connectors.

Unfortunately, just 32 or 64GB of storage is on tap. Neither are a lot, and with 200GB micro SD cards now being a thing, I'd like to see Emtec offer more.



In any case, Emtec points to a release sometime this quarter. "Prices are still being finalized", though.