Endless Rain Record Plays Sounds Of Drops, Never Stops

TokyoMango featured an oddly retro item today; a record (remember them?) that plays the sound of rain on one side and 5 separate tracks of different sounding raindrops falling on the flip side.

One notable upgrade from the past is that the grooves are cut in such a way that the track you choose never ends - it just loops back on itself and plays until you lift the tonearm.

It's a nice touch... who needs to be irritated by the repetitive "scratch-scratch" when the stylus runs out the groove or suffer in silence just when you were really beginning to feel relaxed?

The record itself displays a pleasing minimalist design in black & white, with the Chinese character for "Rain" on one side's label and its counterpart for "Drop" on the other.

You might be asking, "why go to the trouble of putting the sounds of rain and raindrops on a high-maintenance vinyl record, surely these sounds can easily be burned onto a CD or simply downloaded?" Well, I suppose that's true but the purpose here (I'm guessing) is to take you away from all the modern gadgets, gizmos and technology by evoking a simpler, less digital era.

The Endless Rain Record can be ordered direct from DesignBoom's online shop for $30 plus $9 shipping. As for the turntable you'll need to play it... you could always give Gramps & Gran a call.

Apr 7, 2010
by Anonymous

new technology

There's this new technology called MP3 that let's you play sounds on loop, with no moving parts and you can play them on this other new invention called an iPod. I believe some computer company named after a vegetable or fruit or something makes it.