New Hand Dryer Saves Energy and Trees

Picture this, you are out eating with your family and you stop by the restroom to go "potty". When you are done with your business you wash your hands. Right!? Then you look for paper towels, except there are no paper towels to be found. You then look for a hand dryer, but instead you see a Veltia in its place.

Veltia is an innovative hand dryer. It completely dries your hands front and back in a few seconds versus the hot air dryer that takes about a minute or more to do the job. You don't even have to move or shake your hands around to get them to dry faster like you do with a hot air hand dryer. You can just stand there and high-speed air micro streams draw in cold air from the atmosphere to completely dry both sides of your hands in 10-15 seconds.

The Veltia's unique and sleek design, 617 mm high x 300 mm wide and 195 mm deep, allows it to fit nicely in kitchens as well as in bathrooms. Because it uses cold air not hot air it saves energy and because it use cold air instead of hot air, bacteria struggles to breed and multiply.

Additionally because there is no need to refill or to service any dispensers, it requires less maintenance. Because hands are slipped in vertically into the Veltia there is no water drip to the floor and so there is less cleaning to do.

Veltia is fast, waste free, hygienic, energy efficient, comes in 9 different colors to fit your style and looks neat. At a noise level of 72db at 1 meter, it is quieter then hot air dryers too so it even cuts down on noise pollution.

Personally, I like this innovation. It has various environmental and health benefits that are really needed in public and private bathrooms today. What do you think of Veltia?

Via Direct Hygiene Supplies and Veltia

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Dec 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

same as dysons

this veltias design looks very similar to dysons new hand' drier
excuse my spelling.