Engineering Students Unite To Save The World, One Invention At A Time – Enter To Win The James Dyson Award 2013 Competition!

“I want to celebrate young, inventive problem solvers who are unafraid to question. It's these minds that will solve the challenges of the future." –James Dyson


Since 2010, the James Dyson Award has prodded engineering and design students from around the world to create and share their unique innovations with the ultimate goal of solving problems, and they're gearing up to see what 2013 has to offer the planet.

Dan Watson’s SafetyNet, the winner of the 2012 James Dyson Award, is a magnificent idea used to drive down the problem of overfishing. Check out the video below to see the environmentally smart invention that wowed the world:

The James Dyson Award has inspired many notable winners and runner-ups over the years, resulting in plenty of pioneering creations to solve humanity’s problems, such as:

The AirdropThe Airdrop

The Airdrop, Edward Linaare’s drought-solving device that pulls moisture from the air to water crops in arid regions.


KwickScreen, Michael Korn’s portable insta-privacy screen used to create a sense of privacy and dignity for medical patients where space is limited.

The Folding Plug (For UK electrical devices) was designed to be ultra-portable and to keep other items safe from being damaged by being stored with a traditional bulky UK-styled electrical plug.

The James Dyson Award 2013 is open to individuals and teams of current and recent design or engineering students from eighteen nations, (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and USA, respectively), with an idea for an invention that would solve a problem.
While there will only one definitive winner walking away with the £30,000 prize, rewards will be awarded to inventors from each participating nation, and each featured creation will provide a springboard of exposure for their associated designer(s).

Click here to read the rules, learn the best way to present your problem-solving device and specifics about the James Dyson Award. There’s still plenty of time to change the world for the better, since you’ve got until August 1st to send off your entry.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this yearly showcase of products and inventions made to enable mankind, and as always, the InventorSpot Team wishes every entrant the best of luck!