Top 5 Products To Help Your Training Recovery

Training for any athletic event or sport or just following a fitness routine requires commitment and work, and often it means sore muscles. That's why athletes and gym-goers alike take measures to help their bodies recover after training. These 5 products will aid in your recovery, so that your muscles aren't as sore and you can train harder more often.

1. Mind & Body Neck And Shoulder Wrap

 Mind & Body Neck And Shoulder WrapMind & Body Neck And Shoulder Wrap

The shoulders and neck are areas in which athletes get a lot of muscle soreness, especially if that athlete plays a contact sport. The shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, and because of this gets injured or hurt the most. The Mind & Body Neck and Shoulder Wrap helps to melt away stress and tension in that area. 

This wrap is made of dual-sided fabric and provides soothing moist warmth to loosen tight muscles. You can also chill the Mind & Body Wrap in the freezer and use it for cold therapy.

At around $20, the Mind & Body Wrap is an affordable recovery tool. You can find out more information on this wrap or order your own on Amazon

2. Circulation Leg Wraps

Circulation Leg WrapsCirculation Leg Wraps

The Circulation Leg Wraps were specifically designed for people who sit for long periods of time. However, they are also an effective recovery tool for the athlete and fitness buff, because they improve circulation and reduce swelling. 

These leg wraps work by inflating and deflating, applying compression and then releasing. This gets the blood moving in sore and sedentary legs. They have six air bags to surround the legs, and these bags compress at different intervals to simulate circulation. You can select from seven programs and three intensities.

The Circulation Leg Wraps are similar to hospital compression boots, but they cost significantly less. These wraps cost about $200, and you can order them on Amazon.

3. Bamboo Compression Socks

Bamboo Compression SocksBamboo Compression Socks

The Bamboo Compression Socks also utilize compression to help you recover after your training session. Unlike the Circulation Leg Wraps, they don't inflate and deflate. However, they employ a graduated compression system, which increases blood flow back toward the heart. 

Utilizing compression, these socks also help to reduce swelling in fatigued and sedentary legs. They are made with bamboo fibers, which are not only green, but soft and anti-microbial. 

The Bamboo Compression Socks are a cheaper compression alternative to the Leg Wraps. They cost about $20, and you can order them or get more info on Amazon.

4. Sunny Therapy Stretcher

Sunny Therapy StretcherSunny Therapy Stretcher

The Sunny Therapy Stretcher was designed to relieve discal pressure and improve circulation. This is a machine that helps you stretch out your body. It is like an inversion table in that it helps stretch the muscles along the spine, but unlike one in that you don't flip upside down and get dizzy. 

This stretcher is lightweight (weighing about 20 pounds) but made of heavy-duty steel. You control the traction on the Sunny Therapy Stretcher, and when you've had enough stretching, just hit the easy release knob. 

The Sunny Therapy Stretcher is also available on Amazon for around $70. That's significantly cheaper than most inversion tables. 

5. Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Wraps

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold WrapElasto-Gel Hot/Cold Wrap

When you're sore or have an injury, you turn to ice and anti-inflammatory medication. Ice often means throwing a bunch of cubes in a plastic bag, which tends to leak and slip. The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Wraps (for knee or shoulder) give you the option of hot or cold therapy and fit your knee or shoulder perfectly. 

You can easily adjust the Elasto-Gel Wraps via the hook and loop closures. Either microwave the wrap for heat or freeze it for cold. The hot or cold therapy lasts 20-40 minutes, and the wrap will not leak if you puncture it.

Amazon carries both the knee wrap and shoulder wrap. The knee wrap is about $40 and the shoulder wrap is about $60. Also find more info on Amazon

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