Enhance Your Flower Power With the Antibodi Chair

The Italian-made Antibodi Chair created by Patricia Urquiola is a blossoming interior design statement. If you're digging springtime but its still a little too cold to fully enjoy the outdoors, this chair will give you a taste of what's to come with its very organic, budding design. Two different options are available for the Antibodi line: the standard version (which is pretty unassuming in comparison to its pollinated sister seat) is basically a sleek modern chair with a stainless steel base and PVC feet. The fairer sister, if you will, comes into full bloom with triangular petals sewn into its seat cover, bringing texture and pattern together to create one heck of a unique chair.

blooming beautiesblooming beauties

Available in both bonded leather or fabric over polyurethane foam, customized color combinations and fabric options are plentiful. Petals are either lightly padded reversible wool/leather or wool/felt combos, and can be adjusted to open or close for two different looks. There is also a luxurious chaise available - only catch is that the flowering version of the Antibodi chair starts around $5,000, so you can expect a substantial price hike from there for the extra flower power.

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Apr 24, 2008
by Anonymous

They look like they'd be

They look like they'd be rather uncomfortable to sit/lay on.