Enjoy Hot Beverages And Food While Camping With The Solar Kettle

Solar Kettle/Thermal FlaskSolar Kettle/Thermal Flask

How many times have you been camping only to miss the comfort of your early morning coffee? Of course you could make a fire, boil some water and have your coffee after putting some elbow grease into it. Or you could grab a Solar Kettle/Thermal Flask, fold out the reflectors and have your coffee without breaking a sweat.

This kettle/flask from S.K. Thermal is also perfect for outdoor festivals and concerts, during which you may be sitting for a while and may want some hot chocolate or some hot water to cook some noodles. It's great for power outages and the occasional survival situation--you know, just in case your car breaks down in the middle of the Tongass National Forest. 

S.K. Thermal Solar KettleS.K. Thermal Solar Kettle

The Solar Kettle utilizes "photon sponge" technology to gather energy. When in use its reflectors fold out and the device gathers about three times more energy than a conventional solar tube. When folded in, the reflectors protect the tube and allow for easier transportation. You can also use the Solar Kettle to store your warm beverages. It acts just as a normal thermos, but with special warming powers, of course.

The Solar Kettle is also affordable at around $70. You can find out more information on this great camping gadget or order one now at Amazon.

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