Enjoy The Outdoors Anytime When You're In Garden Igloo 360

Now that winter is in full swing, we have less of a chance to enjoy the outdoors, that is unless you enjoy freezing your feet off. Of course, you can go sledding or skiing, but what if you just want to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine? If you have the Garden Igloo 360, you can do just that.

Garden Igloo 360Garden Igloo 360

Design And Features

The Garden Igloo 360 is a pop-up geodesic dome. It is made of 100% recyclable materials and is weather-proof, rust-proof and rot-proof. The structure is lightweight, yet incredibly durable, and the dome design allows for the most space to be covered by the least amount of materials. 

This 7.2 foot high structure is very easy to set up. The Garden Igloo doesn't need a foundation, nor do you need tools to set it up.  It comes with step-by-step instructions that are so simple that one person can complete the set-up in under two hours.

Garden Igloo's CoverGarden Igloo's Cover


It's always nice to get outside and enjoy the sunlight during the warm months, but sometimes you need a little protection from the elements. And during the winter months, sometimes the cold makes it hard to get outside at all. The Garden Igloo 360 can give you a little shelter from the bugs, the cold or the rain. It is a great addition to any backyard and has a variety of different uses. 

Inside the Garden Igloo 360, you have more control over the temperature, so you can be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There are also a canopy cover and a mosquito net that you can get for the Garden Igloo and give yourself some shade or bug protection, while you bask in the open air. 

With And Without The CanopyWith And Without The Canopy

In addition to being a plain old shelter, you can use the Garden Igloo 360 as a Jacuzzi cover, play area for the kids, greenhouse, for outdoor storage or as a conservatory. If you're having a BBQ, you can give your guests an area to get into some shade, or you can serve the food in the shelter. Personally, I think the perfect use for this shelter would be enjoying a good book and cup of java in a light spring shower. 

Reading Inside Garden IglooReading Inside Garden Igloo

Get Your Own

Like I said, the Garden Igloo 360 is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and still have the comforts of a shelter. You can visit the Garden Igloo site to order your own and find out more information on the product. Also, check out the canopy cover and mosquito net while you're there.