Enjoy Sledding And Save Space With The Folding Sled

Folding SledsFolding Sleds

As summer is coming to a close, perhaps you're looking forward to some winter sports fun. Sledding is always a fun winter activity. The only downside to sledding is that sleds are bulky and often heavy, and when you reach the bottom of the hill, you'll have to carry the sled back up. With the Folding Sled, you won't have to worry about the bulk or the heft. 

The Folding Sled is the product of "folding research" from the studio of Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies. The two designers have already designed a folding boat, folding equipment for the construction industry and equipment for the automotive industry. The Folding Sled is their latest design, and it is currently featured at the Villa Noailles Design Parade 10 Exhibition. 

Carrying The Folding SledCarrying The Folding Sled

The Folding Sled is manufactured by Graf Schlitten, a family-run sled manufacturer, and if made from sustainable materials. The seat is made of recyclable plastic, and ash wood, collected from Lake Constance in Northern Switzerland, is used for the runners.

The seat acts as a hinge, and when you fold the sled (in half, long ways), it lies flat. This is perfect for transporting. You can throw quite a few Folding Sleds in the back of an SUV or in the trunk of a car. And when winter is over, the Folding Sled can be stowed in a closet, under a bed or in a crack between furniture and a wall. 

Folding Sled In The SUVFolding Sled In The SUV

The Folding Sled is a hybrid of two sled designs--the Davos and the Rodel. It can be used for fun or sports. Because it is so lightweight and convenient to transport, this sled is great for the kids as well. A fleet of Folding Sleds would be great for the family.

Right now the Folding Sled isn't on the market. As I mentioned, it is currently on display at the Design 10 Exhibition, but perhaps soon you'll start seeing folding sleds appear on snowy hillsides. In the meantime, you can find out more about the Folding Sled on the Design 10 website.