Enjoy the Fall in a Pumpkin Swing

Because Cinderella was kind and worked hard she was rewarded with an elegant gown and a pumpkin carriage to carry her away to the ball. You are not Cinderella, but you have been good and worked hard too so don't you deserve something special? Unfortunately there is no magical pumpkin carriage awaiting you today, but there is hope. Give the Pumpkin Swing a try.

Artists, Carolyn Fletcher and Stevy Myburgh, created the $25,500 Pumpkin Swing made from recycled copper. It is 1.4m high x 1.4m wide and weighs about 290 pounds. It won't carry you to the ball, but it will help you relax and enjoy the fall breeze in your very own backyard.

For $1,700 more you can buy a full circular stand that is 3m high with a 1.5m diameter base. Also Pumpkin Swing accessories include: a 12v light fitting, Interior lights, alcoves with night light holders and a music box.

Both artists, Carolyn Fletcher and Stevy Myburgh, have a desire for a natural and organic lifestyle and have chosen recycled metals to make all their elegant swing designs: Pumpkin Swing, Jasmin Swing, Moon Swing, Ostara Swing, Bubble Swing, Mypod Swing and Lily Swing, Screens.

There is something so welcoming and relaxing about a swing. These swings in particular have a mystical appearance to them that is unlike any others. If only the price would come down (a lot). Maybe then all the real Cinderella's out there could relax and enjoy life a little more.

Via Fletcher & Myburgh Designs

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger