Enter The 3D4D Challenge & Create Protective Sunglasses For Kids!

Your mission is to design a pair of 3D printed and cost effective sunglasses to protect children from Pterygium. (Surfer’s Eye) Not only will you help kids in Guatemala, you’ll also have a chance to win a huge boost of career support from the Dreambox Team!

The goal of this contest is to find an affordable solution to prevent Pterygium, which causes a painful growth over the eyeball’s surface. Surfer’s Eye is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, dust, smoke and other tiny airborne particles, and while this condition can be treated, it is much easier for natives to deal through preventative means at a young age. What better way to protect little eyes from the dangers of the outside world than little sunglasses?

GrabCAD and Dreambox have teamed up in the hopes to find up to six 3D printable designs that can be cheaply made for the children living in the villages of Guatemala. While there are plenty of specifics that you’ll need to keep in mind for the contest, the judges will look for sunglass frames that are affordable, simple to insert and remove lenses, without sharp edges, snap-together hinges, and easily fit small faces.

Not will designs help kids in Guatemala grow up without worrying about painful eye conditions, the first prize winner will have their sunglass design promoted all over Dreambox’s website material, an open place on the Dreambox Team (It might be the next big step in your career!), a one of a kind handmade present from the village of Nebaj, promotion of you and your design at the 2014 3D Printshow and a bunch of cool GrabCAD goodies. You have until December 9th, 2013 to send in the designs for your sunglasses (Click here to enter), so hurry up! Those kids are waiting to have their eyes protected/look cool, and they can’t do it without you!