Enter Another World With This Art

Swimming Pool (1999)Swimming Pool (1999)

Ever wonder if your eyes were playing tricks on you? Leandro Erlich is an artist that creates tricky installations that get people wondering.

In a way this artist plays tricks on people, by placing them in real settings that function totally different than what they are supposed to be. He has made swimming pools that people may enter without getting wet, and uses mirrors and projections to create his exhibits.

Le Cabinet Du Psy (2005)Le Cabinet Du Psy (2005)

Erlich says “that reality is something we are dealt, and the final product of what is reality, is a matter of major construction made by us.”

By engaging all the senses, he invites people to participate and interact with one another through his work.

The room (Surveillance 1) (2006)The room (Surveillance 1) (2006)

Bâtiment (2004)Bâtiment (2004)

Smoking Room (2006)Smoking Room (2006)

The Smoking Room reminds me of the smoking rooms at the airport. I've been in some that were quite disgusting.

Curious as to how he constructed the Swimming Pool? He used a large piece of acrylic that spanned the pool and suspended water above it. This created the look of the swimming pool, complete with people "walking and breathing" underwater.

Has anyone been to one of Leandro Erlich's exhibits? I'm curious as to whether or not it feels like a different reality, like it's supposed to convey.

Thank you to Leandro Erlich!