Enterprising Polygamist Fashionistas Launch Polygamist Fashion Line

Who knew that women who belong to Polygamist sects could become budding entrepreneurs based on community rules, little less find themselves as fashion frontrunners; but a few Texas Polygamist women have set aside the stereotypes and rules of their communities to create a line of modest clothing that meets Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FDLS) standards.

The women initially decided to make the clothing, following the raid one year ago of an FDLS compound in Texas, called the FDLS Zion Ranch. Their concern was to make children's clothing to ensure that the some 400 odd children from the community that were wards of the state had appropriate clothing that met the fashion standards the Polygamist group believed in.

Since its inception, FDLS Crafts has now expanded to include clothing for men and women and a large assortment of other craft and household items. All Polygamist fashions are handmade and individually crafted for the recipient. Their selection of women's fashions are modest and reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie, with a variety of styles made for the Polygamist housewife, and even the Polygamist career woman all available in a rainbow of pastels.

 For their children's designs, FDLS Crafts requests that consumers choose from the dress patterns that they have available on the site, and request the color of their choice so that the crafty Polygamist ladies can develop the children's fashion ideal for a budding Polygamist.

While many may disagree with the Polygamist lifestyle, this fashion business seems like a step in the right direction; since women from Polygamist sects are breaking out of the confines of their strict religious standards and finding independence through fashion.

 Via: New York Times, The Independent

Apr 25, 2009
by Anonymous


would probably make a profit especially if the made them without the puffy arms (but the dresses could have arms on them just not puffy) and less buttons.
It's hard to find long dresses these days and especially cheap long dresses. I would like both with arms and without arms and I'm not religous and not especially conservative though I prefere long dresses and things like that. I'm not the other option either.