EnviroBLOX – Biodegradable Building Blocks You Can Eat

Imagine taking those old wooden and plastic building blocks and kicking them up a notch or two.  EnviroBLOX are enviro-friendly building blocks your kids will love.  

The colorful bricks are made out of corn starch and are colored with food dye, not paint. EnviroBLOX couldn't be easier to use and put together.  Just dab the end with a damp sponge, dip them in water and stick to another block.  You can even lick them to get them damp!


And best of all, put the pieces under running water - they'll dissolve right before your eyes.  What a great way to encourage children to recycle and reuse.  Each set comes with a sponge and handy booklet with suggested designs.

EnviroBLOX, from Cadaco, comes in  three different versions and some include new shaping tools.

  • The EnviroBLOX version includes 70 bricks and retails for under $7. 
  • The Deluxe version includes 130 bricks and retails for under $10. 
  • The X-Treme Builder includes 400 bricks for under $20.   

Recommended for children ages 4 and up, but fair warning -  this game is addictive, no matter how old you are.

Source and Photos:  Cadaco and Amazon

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