Environmental Twist Plastic Bottle Saves Space, Reduces Waste

If you thought the new eco-campaign for I LOHAS bottled water from Coca-Cola Japan was a bit of a stretch, you'd be close. Actually, the drinker is the one that does the stretching - twisting, actually - and by doing so, is saving space in Japan's refuse and recycling bins.

The clear PET (or PETE; polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are engineered to compress when twisted, reducing their volume by 40 percent compared to other PET water and soft drink bottles. Basically polyester - infamous for 1970s leisure suits and shag carpeting - PET is an ideal recyclable polymer plastic that in bottle form carries the "1" symbol.


Anyway, here's the drill: Open, Drink, Twist. Too difficult? Watch the commercial:

Coke Japan really hasn't done anything new, environmentally speaking, with the new twist bottle. About the best one can say about I LOHAS is that the bottles save space in the bin, and that the entire campaign helps raise awareness of recycling in general.

Otherwise, it's pretty much just an attention grabber designed mainly to raise awareness of I LOHAS water itself... but I really want to twist those bottles. You know you do too. (via CScout Japan)