EOps i24R3: The Odd, Little One-Speaker Surround Sound System


This device may look a lot like a soft tip dartboard, but it's actually a completely different well-known product that attempts to improve upon classic design toward dubious results--a wireless speaker.

Created by Michael Young, a designer from Hong Kong, the distinctive speaker isn't one speaker, but a complete surround system housed in a single enclosure. Six speakers are sealed in the round case--four 2.6-inch, flat speakers and 2 4.5-inch, passive radiator speakers. The EOps i24R3 Portable, as it's called, even includes amplification inside. The design is portable, allowing you to transport your surround sound system from the living room to the bedroom, or anywhere else you may need. 

The speaker can be plugged into an electrical socket or powered with a lithium ion battery. There are no speaker cable input terminals, and instead, the speaker relies on 2.4GHz wireless USB or A2DP Bluetooth signals to receive its audio. 

No word on how it sounds, but we're guessing that trying to fake surround sound with a single, self-amplified, wireless box shaped like a top will have less-than-stellar audio results. On the other hand, it will drastically limit the number of irritating speaker boxes and wires that you'll need to set up. Give and take. 

Via: Gizmodo