An update of the first 30 minutes so far - EAST COAST.

Chicago Auditions First up.

Brian Conant, 47 – Post Office Supervisor Flatulance Deoderizer – 3 ply deodorizer eliminating the smell of gas. "The future of personal hygene" His wife had a smelly episode that inspired the invention. “They looked at it like a joke” he said. - yup. TOTAL BUST. ----------

Erik Thompson – 40 – Detroit – Factory worker And his buddy. Invention: The receivers training pole. Teaches players to catch the ball out front. Cost him $30 bucks to make. Lot’s of energy.

Ed. Yes

Mary. Yes.

Doug. Looking at the volume, not the big wow. NO

Peter. Good.  potential. Struggling with the volume. Yes.

BOOM! On to the next round. Fun idea. Nearly takes out the host on the way out. “ingenuity, creativity over the top baby.” We made it man” --------------------------------------

Georgina Huerta, 33 – Sales Manager Spunky Blonde reveals the naughty night lingerie. It’s a gift wrapped woman. With one easy tug her bow, which covers her privates, comes off instantly. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Bachelor Parties… etc. Mary say’s it’s stupid. Walks out gets her a jacket. Which, by the way, she already had. “Grow up, get a job, get a life…” Mary says NO. So do the other judges. Does this feel like a set up? TOTAL BUST. LITERALLY. ----------------------------

Mark Griffin – 51, Sales Consultant Sold a lot of stuff. Had the vision 26 years ago. Quit his job, sold all his stuff, traded his Saab in, sold his wife’s wedding ring, and drove to Chicago. He made his dream come true. His invention is going to be an Olympic Sport INVENTION: Bullet ball – is a high energy game where you push a ball back and forth across a table that has mini walls. Doug gets up to play. Object to get ball past opponent. Peter – says he hopes the guy doesn't lose his mind. Doug – a game inventor himself says… NO. Ed – no, says he hopes this doesn’t destroy him Mary – no – “please get your life back” I say.... You’ve got to wonder why they would do this to this poor guy. Perhaps not letting him on the show would have given him the idea. But maybe they figured it was the only way to really convince him. You know, on national TV in front of 15 million viewers. ----------------

 That's the first half of the show.  Stayed tuned for second half next.  

Mar 23, 2006
by Aries

Bulletball guy

Poor guy. Why, oh why, would they bring him back. To humiliate him in front of national TV. Ugh. I feel a little sick.

Mar 23, 2006
by amazestar (not verified)

Already created therapy buddy!!

So called therapy buddy, already exists! although i must say it was originally sold without the creepy voice, but i have one! I belive i got it at Sears or some place like that, it came lavender scented to be relaxing..and u may say its a conincidence but that buddy looked exaclty like mine! and how many blue therapy alien things can possibly be out there...nice try dude, but u cant pull a fast one on me!

Mar 23, 2006
by Aries

I just don't get it

How come people don't check these things out before they spend the money for development? Maybe they called the therapy buddy something else in Sears so he couldn't figure it ou? or maybe he got the same blue alien from sears and put a voice box inside it and thought it was a great invention.

Mar 23, 2006
by Duane (not verified)

Enough with the sob stories

Man, the lady that invented the Naya Swahili doll even got background music when she started talking about how much she sacrificed. The producers seem to think that's the key to the show, but I disagree. On American Idol, it's funny to see someone who thinks they can sing really well get told they're horrible. Here, when Bullet Ball guy says that he's living in his car because he's spent 26 years on rolling a ball back and forth across the table, that's not funny. That's kinda sad. They even do montages of people reduced to tears. Are we supposed to laugh at these people or be sad for them? I'm honestly not sure.

Mar 24, 2006
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

Gave me the creeps.

I agree, the psychward montage made me a bit uncomfortable.(I'm not calling the people who were shown crazy, it's how they edited the piece I'm sure) They made it seem like being an inventor automatically certifies you as a lunatic. I actually changed the channel a couple times last night. I came close to not going back and especially because of the number of commercials.

Looking back now, I had such high hopes for how they would pull this all off and now I'm becomming more disappointed. How many people would like to see an Inventor's Channel? Is that crazy?

Mar 24, 2006
by Jay1031

The Stories

Hey I was there in L.A. with that guy that said he had no place to go. These are very good stories but to feel bad for him I can't see I talked to him after he auditioned. You don't have to worry about him.

Mar 27, 2006
by Hampton Catlin (not verified)

Bullet Ball

I can't watch this show anymore after they let Marc Griffin go. That is the last straw for me. I really wanted to play! And some dumb-ass inventions get through?

Mar 28, 2006
by austin85

Inventor Channel

I think it is an AWESOME idea. This show has overlooked the true Inventor and replaced it with a lot of crying idiots. What ever happened to professionalism? I like that solar cooler thing and to me it is the only "real" invention that I saw.
The problem with this show is that that guy who was the inventor didn't cry or appear to be straight nuts. You know he won't make it.

Mar 28, 2006
by austin85

Why Oh Why

Because that is what they are all about! The show should have been called "American Drama." Really do you think they didn't do that on purpose. Disgusting!

Mar 28, 2006
by Rob Ricket (not verified)

Bullet Ball

I have to agree. The show is trash! You can't
tell me the guy really believed in that Bullet
Game. It was a complete joke. So why did they put
him on? Obviously, So we could get yet another
closeup of the female judge in tears! I also
wonder what a serious guy like Doug Hall is doing
There? Perhaps he didn't know what he was getting
into when he signed on?

I'm fairly well off and did not sell the farm to
develop my invention. AI is not interested in
promoting serious inventions w/o an equally sad
story to go with it?
them: "How did you develop your invention?"
me: "A flash of inspiration"
Them: "How long did it take?"
Me: "About two weeks of sleepless nights."
Them: "But, surely you bet the farm, sold the
ranch, mortgaged your house?"
Them: "Do you live in a dumpster or your car?"
Me: "Sorry I live in a house."
Them: "Is it a tiny house?"

LOL--the show is pure human intrest trash!

Finally, as was mentioned, if they gave a fig
about the contestants, they would have advised
the Bullet Ball guy that his'idea was not
marketable. That is, assuming he's not a paid

The show is disgusting, yet I can't wait to see
the next one! LOL

Mar 30, 2006
by austin85

can't wait to see the next one

I'm with you! Does that make us some kind of drama voyeurs? I still think that the cooler guy could make it if only he had more drama in him. I'm betting not… but that is what real inventors are like I know because my Dad is one. They are introspective types with a burning desire to "make something better."