Los Angeles – Second half hour

Sharon Clemmins – 63 retired sales associate.

Invention: the public bathroom door lock A little plastic sleeve that slips over the public bathroom door to keep it locked when it’s broken. She said 30 percent of the time the doors are broken. Doing it for her husband so he can retire.

Mary - Yes.

Ed – Yes

Doug – doesn’t like gadgets but likes the cleverness - Yes

Peter – yes

BOOM - THRU TO THE NEXT ROUND.---------------------------

QUICK CUTS OF A FEW THAT MADE IT THRU INVENTION: Video tattoo with video embedded clolthing (basically a video screen in the back of a jacket) BOOM -------

INVENTION: Waterproof baseball glove BOOM -----------

INVENTION: My heart bra – A simple little pump between the breasts to raise them one at a time or both together. BOOM ----------

 Darla Davenport-Powell, 18 Unemployed. Starts singing”here comes’s naya” Invention: “the here comes naya doll” Multicultural doll that speaks Spanish, Swahili, English The doll, the books, etc… lot’s of years of challenge and work. Mary’s tearing up again. The contestant says: “How can a doll make the world better? If it can make one kid feel better about him or herself, then it’s worth it.”

Ed – Yes. Likes the multicultural angle.

Doug – No .  Doesn’t think the language variations are unique enough to make it in the marketplace

Mary – Yes.

Peter – Yes.

BOOM - onto the next round. ------


Jahnesta Horney, 12, Student

Good looking kid, nice. 

Invention: Invisible Tear Gas.

Regular tear gas you can see, his you can’t, so you can get the badguys before they can put on their protection. Came up with the idea by accident doing a school project. Wants to be a scientist one day. The judges all say no. The department of homeland defense says: yes. NO.

BOOM HERE-TOO DANGEROUS. IT’S A BUST. -----------------------

LOT’S of cuts of people crying that their idea didn’t make it. ---------------------------

Richard Koppelle, 60, Human Resources Rep.

Invention: My Therapy Buddy.

It’s a blue, very gentle, soothing creature, that’s designed for adults. It has a very powerful message, THE DOLL says: “everything is going to be alright” No really. Hug this thing and it says, “everything is going to be alright.” Ahh.. I know I feel better. Peter – No Ed – No Doug and Mary don’t even bother. BUST. He said the judges just didn’t get it. They had no compassion. My hug me Elmo doll digs it. ------------------

Jodi Pliszka, 39, Health Care Case Manager.

Invention: The headliner.

The woman created an absorbable pad to go under a wig, helmet, etc. - good for chemo patients, those with (I'm going to butcher this) Alopecia, as well as construction workers etc to wick away sweat.

Ed - yes.

Peter – No, not a unique invention.  Then switches and says YES.

Mary – makes life better for all the women who have cancer, going through chemo.

Doug – NO – it doesn’t feel like a big invention.

Mary argues that we need to keep people in that have meaningful inventions. Then why did they bother with some of the other stuff. BUST/ then BOOM.

This was the last invention on the show. And a bit staged. But as I'm finishing this blog out, one thing strikes me, beyond the fact that this idea would help a lot of people going through cancer treatment. Here's something I found quick: http://www.breastcancer.org/hsn_why_hair_loss.html http://chealth.canoe.ca/columns.asp?columnistid=7&articleid=10764&relation_id=3224 And it reminded me of baseball games in the summer, and all the sweat I had in my hat. Maybe there's a way to make it a sports liner. What do you all think?

Mar 23, 2006
by Aries

The headliner

I just wonder if the judges are listening sometimes. Doug did not say yes to the headliner because he thought it was used only for bald people (Peter did not get it either). Didn't he hear that the woman got the idea because the military in Iraq puts pantliners in their helmets? She did say this, right? So, of course, you could use it in any hat. Don't we see all those guys taking their hats off and wiping the sweat from their heads?

Mar 23, 2006
by Duane (not verified)

My favorite

Honestly I think public bathroom lock lady might have the best shot from this week's batch. Perfect example of a simple solution to a common problem. Even if the door lock is not broken you could put the device on there for a little added safety. And she showed some practical thinking by attaching it to the tissues. Smart lady.

I didn't get the football thing at all. Guy spends $30 to attach a pool noodle to himself and that's a great invention? I think he got through on his presentation skills.

Mar 23, 2006
by Aries

Best invention tonight

I think the best invention today was Naya. At least, I think its the product that is going to make the most money. Have you gone to a toy store recently? Dora the Explorer is a huge hit. What about bookstores? there are all the language books so moms and dads can teach their kids their native language. Also, the bathroom lock is going to end up in the dollar bin. You can sell Naya for at least $30. Anyway, a little market research will figure this out.

Mar 23, 2006
by Kai (not verified)


What was all the freaking drama about? If the fucking thing feels good and actually absorbs sweat, do they realize how many freaking people wear baseball caps that would use that? Are they retarded? This is for anyone who wears a wig, hat or helmet, which is only like billions of people every day, this could be the biggest invention, one of those small little things that just happens to be inside of every hat and helmet in the world!!!! Do these people have no imagination?

Mar 24, 2006
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

Pool Noodles

Thanks! That made me laugh.

But seriously, I think Ed was on the right track when he stood up for it. Think of all the little league football teams around this country. All the schools, colleges, h.s., even pro ball. If it doesn't already exist or if they've made some patentable improvement to an existing product then I see it as a contender. I was even skeptical until he explained how the Noodle will give and bend in a fall (it may even help cushion a landing). I liked the presentation, very creative. I think it's a good idea with a good market. I liked the headliners (make them biodegradable and I think she's on to something). I also liked the bathroom stall door safety lock. Very practical, I don't see many men buying them though (people usually stay away from my stalls, probably because of my own personal invisible tear gas)

Mar 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

the show

hi guys
this is good....it makes people think...thats what this is all about ....people who just think and dont do anything is the problem ....
keep thinking but follow through guys .....that is what will make the difference ...we can only judge what is presented to us....
so try to make a difference and the simple solutions are great but it should not end up in the back of a draw....i want to see you next year....
thanks for watching...
a judge ; ).....alright ede

Mar 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I thought this show was

I thought this show was DEFINITELY better than the first show.

I thought there was a little less crying and the ribbon lady was just plain hysterical.

I am definitely watching next week.

Mar 24, 2006
by Jay1031

My thoughts

I believe now that some of the inventions that didn't make the cut, where just to good for the show. I say this because it seems that all they want is to make it close. Just think if they would have put a great idea to the final rounds. It may have ranaway with the contest. So all the great ideas are right here on this website.

Mar 24, 2006
by Jay1031

About the ribbon lady

Hey I was in the waiting room in L.A. waiting for her to get done. I was 2 auditions behind her that was great. We all knew she was going to do that. We even tried to talk her out of it. But it was very interesting I thought Mary Lou was going to blow a gasket. She walked pass me to use the restroom and ask me to leave my cloths on.

Mar 26, 2006
by mylifeisacartoon (not verified)

My Therapy Buddy

I think My Therapy Buddy would be a hilarious novelty gift. I could see it hanging out in people's office cubicles. Maybe a smaller version to set on top of your computer.

Mar 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The worst forwarded by all

The worst forwarded by all the judges in the second episode was the bathroom stall lock. It doesn't solve the problems of the broken locks. The plastic lock would also have to be sanitised before putting it back into the womens purse.

Mar 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The great ideas would

The great ideas would probably be too complicated to give a very brief presentation on TV. The producers aren't manufacturers so they could have an easier invention made cheaper. Also, after giving the million dollar prize they would not be obligated to market it, which would be even cheaper.