EPISODE 3 - A Complete Recap - West Coast Spoiler Warning!

EPISODE 3: First up:

robopetterAnthony Steffen – 44 – Small business owner. Invention: the perfect pet petter. It automatically pets your dog. It's a kind of creepy robo arm thing.

Peter – thinks it’s ridiculous.

Mary – it’s a freak out machine for a dog.

Ed – No.

Doug – No.

TOTAL BUST. ---------------------------

thetonerbelt Robert Amore, 46 – Hockey instructor. Former commodities trader. 10 years working on invention. Wanted to make exercising easy anytime, anywhere. Invention - The toner belt – a belt with pull cords so you can do a workout on the go. While running, sitting in your chair, etc.

Mary – yes.

Doug – says needs work, more tension in cords - but yes.

Peter – yes, could see it selling in large volumes in America.

Ed – yes.

4 FOR 4 - BOOM! And I agree, for whatever that's worth. ---------------------------

shapoopy Dan Shalhoub, 53, small business owner. The pet industry is smoking hot now and he's got the idea for it. Invention - The shapoopy – the first pre-emptive pooper scooper. You stick the extendable scooper under a dogs butt and wait for the poop to fall in it. He says it might take some practice. Here's what the judges say

Mary – yes.

Peter - no.

Doug - no.

Ed - no.

BUST! ----------------------------------

Guy and girl waving hands. Word is, they were spotted at the NYC auditions– they had a new type of sanitary toilet thing, showed it off all over the place. Their story, they missed the LA auditions and flew to NY, I guess they made it. ----------------------------------

rumbleclock Invention: The rumble clock. It’s a clock that jumps and rumbles away from your bed when the alarm sounds. Fun looking, with nobby bumps all over. BOOM! On to the next round. ----------------------------------

thetouchglove Invention: the touch glove – it forces you to use your fingertips when handling a basketball – it’s a training device. BOOM - onto NEXT ROUND. ---------------------------------

tailgateseat A tailgaitor seat – quick cuts, looked like a guy in "blue sweater" made it through. Way to go. BOOM! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. Have a beer on me. ---------------------------------

Rhona Taher-Olefsky, 76 – retired teacher. Invention – disposable bedding. To save gas, water, electricity etc – the world needs paper sheets - great for nursing homes.

Mary – yes.

Ed – yes – because she is doing something with her idea.

Peter- woman is mean to him, Peter says it’s rubbish, throws her stuff.

Doug – Yes. She got the old lady doing good vote.

It didn't feel like they really thought it was a good idea, just that she was nice. I hope that's not the case. Imagine if the entire world used disposable sheets. Disposable diapers are horrible for the environment. That includes disposable diaper liners. If this thing was a huge hit, we'd all be very screwed. But hey, that's just one guys opinion. She moved on. BOOM! (That was the sound of another tree falling in the rainforest.) ---------------------------------

newflosser Mark Major – 45 – Computer aided designer. He’s a quadrapalegic who can’t floss, so he made a new kind of flosser. Inspired by his limitation he came up with something everyone could use.

Ed gets all sad – yes.

Mary – yes, says it’s good for kids, keep more healthy teeth for american’s smiles.

Peter – No - his flosser works just fine.

Doug – he’s got a new design for flossing, which is one of the most novel approaches he's seen yet. Yes.

BOOM on to the next round- and remember to floss kids. ---------------------------------

thetemptressbra Jamie O’Neal, 28. Invention: The temptress bra. Designed especially for woman with breast implants.

Peter – no, markets not "big" enough.

Mary – yes.

Doug – it’s ingenious, but no, not big enough for this show.

Ed – yes.

ANOTHER BUST. Actually, 3 sets so far - but who's counting. ------

The walker wacker. Another set of no's to another stupid stick. BUST. -----

A guy with some tail attachment. BUST ---- A disposable cat litter box – Uh… it’s just a box. BUST -----

thelittlefruck A little FRUCK – funny as hell. "How many of your friends could use a little fruck?" It's a pure novelty product, a tiny duck in a box call fruck. I don't know, I think it could sell Fruck loads. Anyone else? BUST. -----

Richard Svee, 65, Retired Invention: Jam and Jelly dispensor Name – Toe Jam. Guess what… NO. Mary says eww… doesn’t like the amputee foot. They all say no. BUST -----

thebevplate Chris Miksovskyk 36, product developer. Invention: The Bev Plate – the first disposable plate that transforms from a normal paper plate into one with an onboard drink holder. If he could get this to work at a good price, pure genius, in my opinion.

Mary – yes.

Ed – yes.

Doug – the thinking behind it is incredible, he says it’s too expensive to produce. NO.

Peter – if you can prove it won’t cost a fortune it’s worthy to move on to the next round. YES.

BOOM - Check it out in our Inventor's Gallery. Congrats Chris! ---------------------------------

A DOUG'S GREAT INTERLUDE. Doug’s Mr. Know-It-All He’s a baker, a juggler, an eagle scout, invented footware, done toys, done breast self exam, ultraviolet light tests, spent a lot of time around toilets, fallen through ice, and… his forefather signed the declaration of independence. Cue flag waving in the distance. ---------------------------------

thelifelinefrisbee Michael Cha, 36, Product Designer. Invention: the rescue disk. Uses the shape of a flying disk to accurately target a rescue device. The invention dispenses 50 feet of line, and the line is rated at 1000lbs. There’s a hole in the disk that pops out so someone can put their arm through it to be pulled back in a rescue situation. And he'll add foam on the inside for bouyancy. Doug – asks, have you ever fallen through the ice, um... says it’s irrelevant, says this guy doesn’t know squat about safety stuff.

Ed – yes.

Mary - yes.

Peter - NO.

Doug - NO.

It’s over. BUST. Cue sad music. ---------------------------------

wordace Edward Hall, 40, Former Teacher. Invention: WORD ACE - A table top word game for 1-6 players. It’s a race to spell words up to 7 letters starting with a certain letter. Inspired by teaching kids. Put $80,000 into his invention – quit his teaching job, says: “it brings families together".

Ed – yes.

Mary – yes. Cue crying again.

Doug – “it’s not American sob story” educational toys do not sell. There’s a million educational games, they just don’t sell” NO.

Peter – agrees yet disagrees with Doug – so he’s moving on YES.

BOOM – Wah, wah … tears of happiness “this, is a gift to the world.”

EPISODE 3 - THE END. ---------------------------------

So... what did you all think? Lot's of good stuff to talk about here tonight. A few interesting inventions, not as many freaks. We'll be posting the inventions that moved to the next round in the "BOOM OR BUST" section, so you can vote on what you like or dislike. Remember, the judges, producers, auditioners that made it and didn't, and thousands and thousands of others are checking this site out each week. Nearly 25,000 hits since last Thursday and climbing. Vote, and let them know what you think. Who knows, maybe it'll even influence the FINAL decisions. trangleball

AND FINALLY.... a few clips of some of those who have visited this site and gotten their few minutes of fame. Way to go "triangleball.com". Hope to see you in next week's episode. Check it out in our Inventor's Gallery. The wingdipper guy and gal. They were in the NYC auditions. wingdipper

Mar 30, 2006
by dizzkat (not verified)

I want The shapoopy

One of the best inventions for dog owners. Where can I get one????

Mar 30, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I thought that was a good

I thought that was a good invention too...since dog owners have to scoop up the poop with a plastic bag anyways.

Mar 30, 2006
by Mrs. Blue Sweater Guy (not verified)

Episode 3

Well, our first "15 seconds" came in at 8 seconds, but we'll
take it!! On to the next round and anxious for your
feedback once you've had a chance to visit the web
site and see what the Take-A-Seat is all about!

Mar 31, 2006
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Viewer Comments on the Show

We received this email to the Spot from a viewer last night that I thought interesting so I am posting it here for people's feedback:

"I hope that this message reaches the producers of American Inventors. If nothing else, whomever this message does reach, I hope that they can forward this to the producers of American Inventors. Even at the very least, I hope that this message reaches the judges of American Inventors. I have not seen all of the inventions presented on this show. In fact, I have only seen about six or seven of them.

I am completely appaled at the show in general and especially of the judges. I can understand the concept of the show and understand the concepts of what the judges are looking for. I cannot, absolutely cannot, believe where this show is going. I cannot believe that this is actually on the air and that these judges could make the decisions they are making and sleep at night, or face their families. I have seen a woman 'go through' to the next round by bringing paper in. I have seen a singing group go through to the next round with a 'pit hider', a bowl that hides seeds, or pits, from being seen by the surrounding public. These inventions made it through, however, a life saving device, a solar powered cooler, as well as a teaching system directed towards children to teach morals and ethics were all denied.

I am absolutely floored by the premise of this show. I have been speechless when their decisions were made. Let me re-iterate my point. I do not believe this show should be on the air, and I hope that my thoughts and concerns will reach someone, or many people that feel the same way and can either get this crap off the air, or do what should be done with what is an excellent idea for a show and actually move towards pushing products that would increase the living standards of all Americans.

We live in a time where ethics, morals, and efficiency are of utmost importance in all of our lives. Lets show a little respect for the American people and take this show off the air or do what this show could do."

Apr 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I was told that the products

I didn't think the products couldn't be in mass production but they have broke all the rules they had in place. I made it to L.A. for the 2nd round. But didn't move on,now I'm glad I didn't it's a joke. I've seen a few that they broke the rules for.

Apr 1, 2006
by bygeorge (not verified)

the farce show

This show is a real farce, some of the things that had made it or have made it to the next round are rediculous, PAPER??, a game that teaches you to spell? kids want to sit and play vidio games not to be taught something, PAPER? what a joke, the judges have no clue to what will be a big seller, even the super inventor judge, PAPER??, the only judge who has a little bit of sense is the Englishman, PAPER??, I'm now glad my real and original invention didn't get on the comedy and sob show.

Apr 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Additional info on ResQDisk

Here is a corresponding web site for Rescue Disk. Go to www.ResQDisk.com or MichaelCha.com. for additional info.

Apr 2, 2006
by Jamie (not verified)

The Temptress Bra


My name is Jamie O'Neal. I'm the inventor of Temptress Bra featured on the American Inventor show. This is the first bra designed especially for woman with implants. (Patent Pending)

I have had a huge response from the show. My line is set to debut this fall. I want to thank everyone for their support.

Please visit my website at www.thetemptressbra.com

:) Jamie

Apr 3, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Granny put the Brit in his

Granny put the Brit in his place, and even got an apology in return. The Simon Cowell wantabee was told to pick up the disposable sheet samples after he threw them on the floor. The 76 year old women who was a school teacher came back like she would a pupil. Her invention is the only one thus far that is a real use invention and not just a gimmick. She was trying to explain that it could be used for a baby's delicate skin. (Much like disposable diapers). A fitted or taped cornered crib sheet would be an excellent use. Babies have allergies to cloth sheets washed in detergent and bleach. Also, dust mites in cloth sheets are a problem when babies are concerned. You go girl!

Apr 3, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Doug was right about games.

Doug was right about games. Companies that sell games are only presently looking for electronic type of games. Inventors will have a difficult time even then presenting to these companies due to them not accepting any outside inventions, such an example is Milton Bradley.

Apr 4, 2006
by party boy (not verified)

what are they thinking?

It is really stupid to have a product that is available to purchase in the running. The clock thing is cool but you can buy it already. I thought that this was for people who needed to go to the next level. Mary Lou said that they discussed having to deal with publicity seekers and that that was a no-no. What is this about? Make up your minds already .