The Epistick Traps Unwanted Hairs By The Springful


Ah, there is nothing quite like ripping hair out from the root.  Whether you are tweezing, waxing, threading, pulling off an adhesive bandage or using some other gadget, the pain is inevitable.  Some products claim to yank unwanted hair out with little to no pain, but I am just not sure how that is possible.  Anyways, for those who regularly use these methods, the Epistick is yet another choice in the facial hair pulling area.

The product seems to be a small metal spring (think miniature Slinky with handles on either end) and is said to work in generally the same way as threading.  The advantage here is that the Epistick will grab many hairs at one time, which will save you time and extended periods of pain...hopefully.  Plus, you can perform this beauty treatment at home.  

To use, the device is held over the hairs to be removed.  You then bend the two ends around and towards each other which should trap the hairs within the coils and voila, hair-free skin.  I know...I know.  Anyone who has ever accidentally gotten their body hairs caught in a spring is wincing right now, but it is supposedly a quick and effective facial hair removal method, as long as you can tolerate a bit of pain. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: This  Spring Facial Hair Remover Beauty Tool works in a similar way,  has good reviews and  is cheap at less than $13. Or you can spend $3 for this one.



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