Equip Your Little Explorers With GeoSafari Jr. Toys

Educational Insights’ award-winning line of GeoSafari Jr. toys are introductory science tools that allow children as young as three years old to see, hear, and make big discoveries. New products like the Science Utility Vehicle and the Jungle Crew Lab Set are tough enough to withstand the hard work done by your little explorer. They’re also perfect for making learning fun and engaging.

When my kids are outside they appear to be roaming around aimlessly—even when on their bikes or the jungle gym. Especially with my four year old daughter, there is a lot of stopping, starting, and talking to herself. My almost two year old twin sons touch, throw, and sometimes taste what they find. But there is purpose to their sporadic patterns of play. They are exploring their surroundings and discovering leaves, bugs, and rocks. They are literally taking matter into their hands in order to satisfy a natural curiosity.

My kids are not unique in this way; kids everywhere are sponges for information and for over 50 years Educational Insights has been making it their mission to bring consumers “kid-powered play through innovative toys, games, and educational tools.” Using teachers, scientists, and artists, the company prides itself on making toys that will grab your child’s attention and spark their imagination.

Two of their award-winning products are My First Microscope and the Underwater Explorer Boat, both having won Parents’ Choice Awards. My First Microscope allows children to use both eyes to look at flat or three dimensional objects without the need for slides. A chunky knob lets kids focus on a leaf or insect up to 8x its actual size. The Underwater Explorer Boat keeps your child’s head above water while they check out what is below. The boat has a clear plastic bottom, which is also a 3x magnifier, and an adjustable wrist strap to keep the boat from floating away. The Underwater Explorer is perfect for vacations at the beach, water table play, or puddle jumping.

One of their newest products is the GeoSafari Jr. Science Utility Vehicle. It’s a truck with moving wheels and an interior 3x magnifier for examining whatever it rolls over. It even has LED lights for nighttime investigation and play.

But if sneaking is your kid’s jam, another new product worth checking out is the Sneak & Peek Periscope. Animals or big sisters can be spied in four directions, horizontally or vertically. The periscope has a wide and comfortable viewing area and easy to hold handles. And like the Science Utility Vehicle, the Sneak & Peek Periscope comes with LED lights when exploring in the dark.

Animal loving kids like my daughter will love the Jungle Crew Lab Set. It is an animal-themed science kit for children three years old and up. The set comes with six pieces of lab equipment and 10 activity cards with clear directions to perform experiments using ingredients from the kitchen or backyard. The lab equipment consists of lion head test tubes and an elephant head funnel, so don’t be too concerned that Jr. will become the next Walter White.

Let your kids roam aimlessly, and give them the time and space to be scientists. Eating sand may not seem like a valid experiment, but kids need to start somewhere. Soon enough they will learn that looking at sand under a microscope has a more rewarding outcome. GeoSafari Jr. toys will equip your little explorers with the tools to keep learning fun. And rewarding.

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